Reliance Forest Fibre are certified to several certification schemes. Listed below are details of the current certifications in place with appropriate downloads for each section.

Reliance Forest Fibre Estate Forest Management Certification

Reliance Forest Fibre (RFF) manages its estate to the Australian Standard AS4708 for Sustainable Forest Management. The estate comprises approximately 36,000 Ha of freehold land and an additional 29,000 Ha of Permanent Timber Production Zone Land (PTPZL) managed under a Forestry Right with Sustainable Timber Tasmania.

The area statement figures shown are correct as of June 2020.

Group Forest Management Scheme for Forest Owners and Managers

Reliance Forest Fibre provides the opportunity for individual forest owners and managers to have their forest certified under RFF’s group certification scheme.

The group scheme is certified to AS4708 the Australian Standard for Sustainable Forest Management. Below are links to the Group Scheme Certificate, Defined forest area maps (DFA), Forest Management Plan and most recent Business Review Reports. Past Business Review reports can be requested by contacting Reliance Forest Fibre office.

Individuals can join the scheme subject to meeting requirements established by RFF.

The combined forest resource of group members forms the group “defined forest area” (DFA) for certification purposes. All wood produced from the DFA can be sold as certified wood.

Forest owners and managers interested in participating in RFF’s Group Certification Scheme should contact Reliance Forest Fibre.

Responsible Wood Chain of Custody

Reliance Forest Fibre ensures independently audited Responsible Wood certification can be maintained through our mills to customers through our Chain of custody certification.

RFF is certified to AS4707-2014 Chain of custody for Forest Products.

FSC® Chain of Custody and Controlled wood

Reliance Forest Fibre maintains FSC (FSC-C018484 licence code) certification to ensure our systems are independently audited to the FSC standard for Chain of Custody and the FSC Requirements for Sourcing FSC Controlled Wood.

RFF is certified to FSC-STD-40-004 Standard for Chain of Custody Certification and Requirements for Sourcing FSC Controlled Wood FSC-STD-005.

ISO certified Management Systems

Reliance Forest Fibre at Bell Bay Chip Terminal has its Quality and Environmental Management Systems independently audited to ISO standard.

RFF has its management systems independently audited to ISO 9001-2015 Quality Management System and ISO 14001-2015 Environment Management System.

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