Forest Operations

RFF Tasmanian Estate

The RFF estate consists of approximately 29,000 of eucalyptus plantation located throughout Tasmania.

Reliance Forest Fibre (RFF) currently manages its  estate to the Australian Standard AS 4708 for Sustainable Forest Management. RFF is currently seeking to have approx. 49,000ha of recently aquired land become certified under the Responsible Wood Certification Scheme, which will be combined with approx. 29,000ha of RFF plantation timber resource already certified by Responsible Wood.

The plantations are being managed to maintain health and vigour and a regular supply of fibre to RFF’s customers.

RFF has engaged locally based professional forest managers, AKS Forest Management Services, and a highly skilled contracting force to undertake all elements of forest management from harvesting and haulage, growing seedlings, replanting following harvest, tending and protection.